The Contents Specialists

Cleaning Capabilities

Water Fire Smoke Mold Damaged Item and property cleaning

When there is a fire or flood, or when smoke or mold invades a home, business, hospital, commercial property, etc., The Contents Specialists will address specific environmental health factors. We properly handle and clean the contents to provide the full removal of environmental hazards. Some items need disposal, so no continued danger remains. This disposal also inhibits the introduction of the biohazard into the public domain.

In these instances, it’s crucial to have a specialist who knows how to identify, handle, clean and disinfect, deodorize, and re-set the affected contents. The cleaning technicians working in our Technical Processing Lab are highly skilled and trained to remove the environmental hazard of cleanable materials properly. We use a Sanitization Cycle in our warehouse, a process that utilizes high-tech ultrasonic machinery, cleaning agents, and deionized water to confidently ensure thorough cleaning of the contents. We can confidently and correctly clean various kinds of contaminants from multiple types of affected materials.

Recovering Fire and Smoke Damaged Items

A large amount of progressive damage may occur if you handle the smoke and ash from a fire promptly. Smoke, when left to settle into items, will discolor them and start to turn them yellow or white. This phenomenon is due to the various chemicals released during burning. Some chemicals carried by smoke include formaldehyde, benzene, acetic acid, formic acid, toluene, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, VOCs, sulfur dioxide, plastics, and other harmful chemicals. Smoke is corrosive and will damage a wide range of collectibles if not handled appropriately and quickly. The longer the ash and soot sit on the items, the more likely they will require disposal. Don’t wait. Call The Contents Specialists today!

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We offer full pack out and restoration services for your personal property. We understand how important your personal belongings are and will treat them with the same respect and care as if they were our own.

Contents Cleaning and restoratoin in Washington