We provide high-quality Room Image Reports, Detailed Scope Sheets, Scanned Forms, Digitized Documentation and Inventories, Xactimate standard pricingAdjusters enjoy our service because we provide high-quality room image reports, detailed scope sheets, scanned forms, digitized documentation and inventories, and Xactimate standard pricing. The Contents Specialists also offer a link to the job file in our project management system. Adjusters are traditionally very busy with a variety of claim types and issues, and we know their time is valuable. We provide them all the relevant information they need to confidently ensure the policyholder is receiving the appropriate services.

In addition to thorough documentation and professional communication, adjusters appreciate the cleaning and restoration capabilities that save their companies thousands of dollars each year. Each year, the insurance industry pays out millions upon millions of dollars for damaged and non-salvageable items. A lot of these items are salvageable, but some contents services are unaware of the potential and place them unnecessarily on a Total Loss Inventory. The insurance then pays depreciation and repurchase costs for more items than they should have, spending thousands of dollars they don’t need to each year. The Contents Specialists can correctly assess the damages and then clean or repair the items to pre-loss condition. This service makes the homeowner happy because they were able to retain their possessions. And, the adjuster is satisfied because he knows the claim remained a reasonable sum.